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Unleashing the Power of BountyStars: Your Ultimate Gaming and Earning Platform

Welcome to BountyStars, a sanctuary where gaming enthusiasts and earnings converge, offering an exhilarating, rewarding experience. Here, every play, strategy, and victory is a step closer to premium Rust & CS2 Skins.

In the heart of BountyStars lies a vibrant community of winners. I still recall the blend of excitement and curiosity that surged through me during my initial encounter with this platform. Today, it stands as a testament to one of my most rewarding gaming decisions. Here, every player, game, and interaction is meticulously crafted to foster a winning experience.

Why Choose BountyStars?

Why Choose BountyStars?

BountyStars emerges as a beacon in the dynamic world of online gaming, distinguished not just by the seamless experience it offers but by the robust community it nurtures. BountyStars is more than a skins gambling platform; is a family of gamers, strategists, and enthusiasts, each contributing to a mosaic of diverse, vibrant energy.

Every game, transaction, and interaction on BountyStars is fortified with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that your data and earnings are enveloped in a fortress of security.

BountyStars is a treasure trove of diverse games, each meticulously crafted to challenge your skills, strategies, and speed. From the unpredictable thrill of Crash to the 50-50 suspense of Coinflip, Tower, and beyond, every game is a doorway to a new world of opportunities, wins, and earnings.

The ecstasy of victory is complemented by the thrill of fast cs2 skins withdrawals at BountyStars. The euphoria of winning is amplified when followed by swift, seamless, and secure withdrawals. Every victory, every earning is not just a statistic but a tangible, accessible reward, ready to be claimed, flaunted, and enjoyed.

Game Modes

PVE Games

Player versus Environment (PVE) games are where players engage with the game’s environment and challenges rather than other players. In these games, players are pitted against pre-programmed elements and obstacles, making the gaming experience a battle against the game’s mechanics and challenges.


In the DOUBLE game, players are faced with a roulette-like setup featuring 15 spinning cells of different colors. The objective is to predict the winning cell’s color, with each color offering different multipliers for the win. It’s a game of luck, anticipation, and the thrilling uncertainty of where the spinner will land.


CRASH is a classic yet exhilarating game where players watch a multiplier increase in real-time. The catch? It can crash at any moment. Players must decide when to cash out, with the multiplier determining their winnings. It’s a game of nerve, timing, and the thrilling dance between greed and caution.

PVP Games

Player versus Player (PVP) games pit players against each other in a competitive setting. The thrill comes from outsmarting, outplaying, and outlasting fellow players.


COINFLIP is a one-on-one challenge where players have a 50% chance to double their initial amount. It’s a game of luck, anticipation, and the immediate thrill of win or lose, double or nothing.


rustix case battle

CASEBATTLE is a competitive setting where players join battles, each contributing to a prize pool consisting of multiple cases. The winner takes all, making it a thrilling competition of luck and anticipation.


jackpot game on rustix

In CLASSIC, players deposit coins, receiving tickets in return. A random draw determines the winner, who takes all the coins, making every game a thrilling lottery of luck and anticipation.

Solo-PVE Games

Solo-PVE games offer players the thrill of PVE in a solitary setting, where the player faces off against the game’s challenges alone.



In CASES, players open cases to reveal random rewards. It’s a game of luck, anticipation, and the thrill of unveiling what lies within each case.


Rustix TOWER is a game of ascending a tower, choosing the right paths to collect coin chests. With varying levels of difficulty, it’s a game of luck, strategy, and the thrill of ascending to new heights.

TOWER is a game of ascending a tower, choosing the right paths to collect coin chests. With varying levels of difficulty, it’s a game of luck, strategy, and the thrill of ascending to new heights.


In Rustx PLINKO, players drop a ball and wait for it to land in one of the coefficients areas. It’s a game of luck, anticipation, and the immediate thrill of where the ball will land.

In PLINKO, players drop a ball and wait for it to land in one of the coefficients areas. It’s a game of luck, anticipation, and the immediate thrill of where the ball will land.


Rustix DICE is a game of predicting the range for a lucky number from 1 to 100. Players choose a range and place a bet, with the roll of the dice determining their fate. It’s a game of luck, prediction, and the thrill of the roll.

DICE is a game of predicting the range for a lucky number from 1 to 100. Players choose a range and place a bet, with the roll of the dice determining their fate. It’s a game of luck, prediction, and the thrill of the roll.


UPGRADER allows players to upgrade their CS2 skins from the cheapest to the most expensive. It’s a game of strategy, decision-making, and the thrill of transforming inventory into something more valuable.

Provably Fair Gaming

Transparent Algorithms

Rustix Provably Fair Gaming

In the heart of BountyStars lies a commitment to fairness, a dedication to transparent gaming where every player, every game, and every win is anchored in integrity. Our Provably Fair algorithm is a testament to this commitment, a transparent mechanism that allows every player to verify the fairness and randomness of each game round.

Every result, every win, and every loss at BountyStars is a narrative of transparent gaming. It’s a world where the thrill of the game is matched by the integrity of the results. Every spin, roll, and play is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fairness and transparency.

Verifiable Results

The beauty of gaming at BountyStars lies not just in the diversity of games or the thrill of winning but in the unwavering assurance of fairness. Every player steps into the arena armed with the power to verify the results of each game round. It’s a dance of chance and skill in a world where transparency reigns supreme.

The mechanism of Provably Fair is promise, a commitment to absolute honesty and openness. It’s a narrative where manipulations are banished, and the sanctity of each game, each result, is held sacrosanct.

Affiliate Program

RustiX - Earn with Every Referral

Earn with Every Referral

The BountyStars experience is a narrative of community, a story that grows richer with every player that joins the fold. Our affiliate program is a bridge to this expanding community, an opportunity for players to earn with every referral. Every shared promo code, every partner URL is a doorway to earnings, a narrative of wins that extends beyond the gaming arena.

I still remember the thrill of my first referral earning, a testament that at BountyStars, every player is a partner, every referral a step closer to enhanced earnings. It’s a world where gaming and earning are intertwined, where every play an entry into a community of earners, strategists, and winners.

Withdraw and Deposit Methods

Navigating through BountyStars, I’ve always found the withdrawal process to be as exhilarating as the games themselves. The platform offers an array of options, including CS2 SKINS and RUST SKINS, ensuring that every win is quickly followed by the tangible thrill of withdrawal. It’s a world where victories are not just numbers on a screen but accessible rewards, ready to be claimed and enjoyed.

The swift, seamless withdrawal process is a dance of efficiency and security. Every transaction is enveloped in layers of security protocols, ensuring that your earnings are not just quickly accessible but secured against the prying eyes of the online world. At BountyStars, every withdrawal is a narrative of efficiency, security, and the unyielding thrill of victory.

Diverse Deposit Options

Deposit Methods on RustX Platform

The deposit methods at BountyStars are as diverse as the games themselves. From CS2 Skins, Rust Skins to an array of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, every deposit is a doorway to a world of opportunities. The platform also supports traditional payment methods, ensuring that every player, regardless of their preference, finds a convenient, secure, and efficient deposit option.

I still recall my first deposit – a seamless dance of efficiency and security that catapulted me into a world of gaming and earning.


Rustix’s Free Balance Bonus

BountyStars Free Balance Bonus

Promotions at BountyStars are crafted to enhance the gaming experience, offering players additional opportunities to play and win. The Free Balance Bonus is a testament to this commitment, a narrative where every player is greeted with a bonus, a head start in the thrilling journey of gaming and winning.

The process is as simple as it is rewarding. A visit to BountyStars.com, a quick sign-in, and a promo code later, and you’re armed with a free on-site balance, ready to explore the diverse, thrilling world of games.

BountyStars is committed to enhancing your gaming experience from the moment you step into our world. The 50% deposit bonus is a testament to this commitment. However, to ensure a fair and rewarding experience for all players, there are specific steps and conditions attached to the activation and claim process of this bonus. Here’s a detailed walkthrough.

Bonus Activation 🎮

When you make a deposit, a 50% bonus is automatically credited to your bonus balance. However, it’s essential to note that this bonus balance isn’t directly usable for bets. The primary objective is to transfer it to the main balance, where it becomes fully accessible for all your gaming needs.

The bonus activation is a one-time process per deposit. If you decide to make additional deposits, the bonus balance won’t increase until the current bonus is wagered completely. Each bonus comes with a 7-day validity period. It’s a race against time to wager the bonus, or it expires, so every moment counts!

rustix bonus withdrawal warning

The maximum bonus you can receive from a single deposit is capped at $200, ensuring a balanced and fair gaming environment for all players.

Claiming Your Bonus 💰

The journey from bonus activation to claiming it is marked by exciting gameplay. To transfer the bonus to your main balance, a wagering requirement of 35 times the deposit amount is set. Every coin spent in the games counts towards meeting this requirement (1 spent coin equals 1 wagered coin).

The games that contribute to the wagering requirement have been carefully selected to offer a mix of excitement and fairness. They include:

  • Crash: Only games with over 2.00x multiplier count.
  • Upgrader: Your upgrade chance should be below 70%.
  • Plinko: Play on Medium or Hard difficulty to contribute to the wagering requirement.
  • Double, Cases, Tower: All these games are open fields for you to meet your wagering requirement.

Once the wagering requirement is met, the bonus is automatically transferred to your main balance, ready for withdrawal or further gaming adventures.

User Experience

rustix homepage

Navigating the World of BountyStars

My journey through BountyStars has always been marked by ease and intuitiveness. The platform is designed with the user in mind, a seamless interface that makes navigation a breeze. Every game, every feature, every interaction is crafted to ensure that players can focus on what they love most – the thrill of the game.

I often find myself lost in the world of BountyStars, not out of complexity, but because of the sheer allure of the diverse games, the seamless interface, and the intuitive design that makes every click, every navigation, a journey into a world of opportunities, thrill, and excitement.

Tailored for Every Gamer

BountyStars isn’t just a gaming platform; it’s a world tailored for every gamer. Every feature, every game, every interaction is crafted with precision, ensuring that players of all levels, from novices to seasoned gamers, find a home in BountyStars. It’s a world where complexity meets simplicity, where diversity meets precision, and where every gamer finds a narrative tailored just for them.

I still remember my first interaction with BountyStars – a dance of simplicity and complexity, where every game offered both a thrill and a learning curve, a narrative where every win was both a victory and a journey into deeper mastery, understanding, and thrill.

Language Options at BountyStars

Navigating through BountyStars is a breeze, thanks to the variety of language options available.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • English: For our global audience, English ensures seamless communication and understanding.
  • Russian: Tailored for our Russian-speaking players, offering a native gaming experience.
  • Français: Dive into the BountyStars world with ease if French is your preferred language.
  • Deutsch: German-speaking players can enjoy a fully localized gaming environment.
  • Polish: A customized experience awaits our Polish community.
  • Spanish: For our Spanish-speaking players, every game and instruction is translated for clarity.
  • Portuguese: Players from Portugal and Brazil can navigate with ease in their native tongue.
  • Swedish: A seamless gaming journey for our Swedish audience.
  • Italian: Italian speakers can enjoy a fully localized and intuitive gaming experience.

Safety and Regulation

A Bastion of Security

In the world of online gaming, BountyStars stands as a bastion of security. Every game, every transaction, every interaction is enveloped in layers of security protocols, ensuring that players can immerse themselves in the thrill of the game with the assurance of safety. It’s a narrative where the excitement of the game is matched by the peace of mind of unwavering security.

I’ve always found solace in the security protocols of BountyStars, a peace of mind that transforms every game, every win, every interaction into a narrative of safety, security, and the unyielding assurance of privacy.

Adherence to Regulations

BountyStars isn’t just a world of games; it’s a narrative of adherence to regulations, a story where every game, every win, every interaction is anchored in the unwavering commitment to legal standards, ethical gaming, and the sanctity of regulations. It’s a world where the thrill of the game is matched by the peace of mind of regulatory adherence.

Every game at BountyStars is a dance within the boundaries of regulations, a narrative where the thrill of winning is matched by the assurance of legality, ethics, and the unyielding commitment to the standards that govern the world of online gaming.

Trustpilot Reviews Unveiled

A Testament to User Experience

In the world of online gaming, the voice of the player is the ultimate testament to the quality, integrity, and excellence of a platform. Trustpilot reviews stand as a beacon of BountyStars commitment to delivering an unparalleled gaming experience, echoing the sentiments, experiences, and narratives of players who have embarked on the thrilling journey of gaming on BountyStars.

I often find myself immersed in the stories, the praises, the critiques, and the unfiltered narratives of players who have experienced the thrill, the excitement, and the unyielding promise of security and fairness that defines BountyStars.

Diverse Perspectives

Each Trustpilot review is a narrative, a story that unveils a unique experience, a personal journey, and an unfiltered perspective of the BountyStars experience. From the exhilarating highs of wins to the constructive critiques aimed at enhancing the platform, Trustpilot reviews are a mosaic of diverse, unfiltered, and invaluable perspectives.

Sandor Killian’s Journey

Sandor Killian’s 5-star review is a narrative of triumph, a story of a player who, against the odds, secured his first knife skin in CS2. It’s a testament to BountyStars resilience, having overcome initial technical challenges to deliver a seamless, rewarding, and thrilling gaming experience.

Palermo 937’s Constructive Insight

Palermo 937 offers a balanced perspective, praising the platform’s offerings while constructively critiquing the response time of support. It’s a narrative that underscores BountyStars commitment to continuous improvement, echoing the platform’s unyielding promise to enhance every aspect of the player experience.

G. Máté’s Call for Enhancement

G. Máté’s review is a call to action, a narrative that underscores the need for enhanced support and deposit systems. It’s a testament to BountyStars commitment to listening, adapting, and evolving to meet and exceed the expectations of every player.

abveg’s Balanced Narrative

Review unveils a balanced perspective, echoing the thrill and excitement of BountyStars while constructively critiquing the withdrawal process. It’s a narrative that underscores BountyStars commitment to transparency, improvement, and the unyielding promise of a rewarding, fair, and exciting gaming experience.

Trustpilot – A Narrative of Continuous Improvement

Listening, Adapting, Evolving

Every Trustpilot review is more than a rating; it’s a voice, a perspective, and an invaluable resource that fuels BountyStars continuous journey of improvement, enhancement, and evolution. It’s a narrative where every praise is a testament to excellence, every critique a blueprint for improvement, and every perspective an invaluable resource that shapes, defines, and enhances the BountyStars experience.

Security and Fairness

A Safe Gaming Haven

In the dynamic world of online gaming, security is paramount. At BountyStars, I’ve discovered that the sanctity of my personal information and funds is held with the utmost regard. The platform is armored with cutting-edge encryption technologies, ensuring that every piece of data is securely stored and every transaction is protected from potential threats.

Navigating through BountyStars, I’m greeted with a sense of security, knowing that my gaming journey is safeguarded by robust security protocols. The privacy policy is transparent, outlining the meticulous measures in place to ensure that my data remains confidential and invulnerable to unauthorized access.

Provably Fair Gaming

Provably Fair Gaming on Rustix

The essence of gaming lies in its fairness, and BountyStars stands as a testament to this truth. Each game is governed by a provably fair algorithm, a feature that not only elevates my confidence in the platform but also immerses me in a gaming experience where fairness reigns supreme.

The algorithm is transparent, allowing me to verify the randomness and fairness of each game’s outcome. It’s a dance of numbers and algorithms that ensures that every win is deserved, every loss is a product of chance, and every game is a fair contest of skill and luck.

User Interface and Experience

Navigating BountyStars

The first touch of BountyStars unveils a world where elegance meets functionality. The user interface is a symphony of intuitive design elements, each crafted to offer a seamless navigation experience. Every game, feature, and function is within reach, inviting me into a world where my gaming desires are met with unrivaled convenience.

The visual aesthetics are a blend of modern design principles and artistic ingenuity, each element echoing the platform’s commitment to delivering a gaming experience that is as visually enchanting as it is rewarding.

Personalized Gaming Experience

BountyStars is not just a skin gambling platform; it’s a world where every player’s unique preferences and desires are recognized and catered to. The customization options are diverse, allowing me to tailor my gaming environment to resonate with my aesthetic and functional preferences.

Every game, every feature, and every element is a testament to BountyStars commitment to offering a personalized gaming experience. It’s a journey where my preferences are not just recognized but are also the foundation upon which my BountyStars gaming experience is built.

Customer Support

Always Here for You

One of the hallmarks of a stellar gaming platform is the quality of its customer support, and in this, BountyStars shines brightly. I’ve found solace in knowing that a team of dedicated support professionals is always at my beck and call, ready to address my queries and resolve my issues with speed and efficiency.

Each interaction with the BountyStars support team is a journey of professionalism, courtesy, and dedication. The response time is swift, ensuring that my gaming experience is uninterrupted and my queries are addressed in real-time.

Self-Help Resources

Beyond the personalized support, BountyStars is adorned with a rich repository of self-help resources. FAQs, guides, and tutorials are meticulously crafted to empower me to resolve issues independently and enhance my understanding of the platform and games.

Each resource is a blend of simplicity and depth, ensuring that players of all experience levels can easily navigate, understand, and utilize the information to enhance their gaming journey.

About the Company

BountyStars – A Gaming Revolution

BountyStars it’s a brand that has carved a niche in the online gaming industry. Operated by Bigskin Trading Limited, a company renowned for its innovation, integrity, and excellence, BountyStars is a testament to the transformative power of creative ingenuity blended with technological prowess.

Located at 85 Great Portland Street, First Floor, London, England, W1W 7LT, the company stands as a beacon of reliability in the dynamic world of online gaming. Every feature, game, and interaction on BountyStars is infused with the company’s commitment to delivering a secure, fair, and responsible gaming experience.

Every policy, protocol, and feature is a reflection of the company’s unwavering commitment to upholding the highest standards of integrity, fairness, and excellence. It’s a journey of continuous innovation, where the player’s experience, security, and satisfaction are the compass that guides every innovation, decision, and development.

Social Profiles

Connect with BountyStars on Social Media

BountyStars embraces this truth, offering players a plethora of platforms to connect, engage, and stay updated. Trustpilot profile is a world of reviews and feedback, offering insights into the experiences of players who have navigated the thrilling world of BountyStars.

Join the Conversation

The BountyStars Facebook page is a vibrant community where updates, news, and interactions come to life. It’s a space where players can connect, share, and engage, transforming the gaming experience into a social journey of connections and interactions.

On Twitter, the pulse of BountyStars comes to life in real-time updates, news, and announcements. It’s a space where the dynamic world of BountyStars is captured in tweets, retweets, and likes, offering players a platform to stay updated, engaged, and connected.

For a visual journey through the world of BountyStars, the Instagram profile is a canvas where images, videos, and stories paint a vivid picture of the excitement, rewards, and thrills that define the BountyStars experience.

Understanding Bonus Balance and Withdrawals

Navigating the Bonus Balance

At BountyStars, every player’s journey is sprinkled with opportunities to amplify the thrill of the game. The bonus balance is one such gem, a special currency that not only elevates the gaming experience but also offers a strategic edge. When I plunge into the games, my bonus balance is utilized first, ensuring that my main balance remains untouched, offering a cushion of security.

The mechanics of the bonus balance are meticulously crafted. In the adrenaline-fueled world of the Crash game, every win with a multiplier exceeding 3.00x, and in the Double game, a portion of my bonus balance transforms into my main balance. It’s a seamless transition, where 5% of the placed bonus balance metamorphoses with every victory, enhancing not just my winnings but also my strategic advantage.

Site Information
Operated ByBigskin Trading Limited
Location85 Great Portland Street, London, England
Key Facts
Gaming TypesPVE, PVP, Solo-PVE Games
Provably FairYes
Gaming VarietyWide range of games available
Safety & SecurityAdvanced technology for fairness and security
Customer Support24/7 support available
Withdrawal LimitationsMust play full amount of deposit before withdrawal
Bonus Transfer LimitLimited by the total amount of deposits
Site Interface & User Experience
DesignUser-friendly and intuitive
NavigationEasy to navigate
Site Rating
Trustpilot Score4.1 out of 5
Welcome Bonus$0.50 of free on-site balance with promo code CS2BET
Deposit Bonus+50% on initial deposit with promo code CS2BET
Games Available
Popular GamesCrash, Double, Coinflip, Tower, Cases, etc.
Safety & Regulation
FairnessProvably fair games
SecurityAdvanced security protocols
Overall ExperienceEngaging, fun, with a few areas for improvement


What makes BountyStars different from other online gaming platforms?

BountyStars is distinguished by its diverse game offerings, including PVE, PVP, and Solo-PVE games, a provably fair system ensuring transparency and fairness, and a robust 24/7 customer support ready to assist players at every step. The platform is user-friendly, secure, and offers fast skin withdrawals, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

How does the bonus balance work, and what are its limitations?

The bonus balance is an additional currency used primarily in games. It transfers to the main balance upon winning, with certain limitations based on the total amount of deposits. It’s a strategic element enhancing the gaming experience, but it’s essential to understand its boundaries and utilization to maximize its benefits.

I encountered an error during withdrawal. What should I do?

Reach out to BountyStars 24/7 support team. They are equipped to diagnose and resolve issues promptly, ensuring a seamless withdrawal process. Every error message is not just an alert but a guide, offering insights and solutions to ensure every player’s withdrawal experience is smooth and satisfying.

How can I ensure the games I play on BountyStars are fair?

BountyStars employs a provably fair system, a transparent algorithm allowing players to verify the fairness and randomness of each game round. Players can check the fairness by entering the data of each round, ensuring absolute honesty and openness in every game.

How do I participate in the affiliate program?

Share your promo code or partner URL to gain referrals. You’ll receive a percentage of coins from each of your referral’s initial deposit. Your referrals also benefit by receiving a deposit bonus and a free bonus for using your code or URL, creating a win-win scenario for both parties.

Are there any restrictions on withdrawals?

Yes, players must have made a deposit and played through the full amount of the deposit before initiating a withdrawal. It ensures engagement and participation in the games, aligning with BountyStars ethos of offering a comprehensive gaming experience.

How do I transfer my bonus balance to the main balance?

Win in specific games and modes, and a portion of your bonus balance will automatically transfer to your main balance. It’s a seamless process designed to enhance the gaming experience by offering additional opportunities to increase your main balance.

How reliable are the Trustpilot reviews of BountyStars?

Trustpilot reviews offer a mix of positive and critical insights, reflecting the diverse experiences of BountyStars players. They are a valuable resource for prospective players to gauge the platform’s strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring an informed decision-making process.

What safety measures does BountyStars have in place to protect players?

BountyStars prioritizes player safety with advanced technology ensuring fairness, security, and privacy. The platform’s reputation for reliability and trustworthiness within the gaming community further underscores its commitment to player safety.

BountyStars Details

Withdrawal Methods: